Adotta un filare Tenuta San Giaime a Gangi


Adopt a row.

The objective of this project, already tested in 2018 with the crowdfunding campaign launched by TSG to which so many have joined, is to reinforce what has been done and how much remains to be done to safeguard and promote the territory and the landscape of the “High Madonie”; the only true mountains of Sicily, besides Etna, where small producers, such as Tenuta San Giaime, are fighting for the survival and custody of the territory, enhancing tourist, cultural and food and wine itineraries, thereby protecting, among other things, traditions and processing practices of high mountain’s wines that, for some time, in Sicily, have increasingly seen the shift towards the crowded sea coasts.

This is to not forget (or at least not take second place) the need to preserve the beauty of unique and uncontaminated territories, outside the classic tourist routes, where crops and methods of craftsmanship aim, as in the past, at eco-sustainability and the consumer health.

Why make this precious gift?

  • To learn about the culture of wine
  • To live a unique experience, feeling farmers and wine-makers without the economic and management burden that otherwise would entail
  • To receive and taste the wine bottles of your own row, going beyond the concept of “Km Zero” and reaching the maximum level of product traceability and authenticity of its origin
  • To have a unique wine: The Yours!

Adopt one or more rows of Tenuta San Giaime and live directly the experience of cultivating
and producing excellent DOC and IGP wines from Sicily.

Making or giving a gift like this is a magical and unrepeatable experience. Producing a wine with its own name, starting from the vineyard to continue in the wine-making and refining cellar, ending up directly on one’s own table, is the most prestigious, unusual and out of the ordinary one could wish for.

Gianfranco Cordero

What is included in the row?

  • Certificate of adoption with name and surname + name plate on the row and photo; all in an elegant gift display that we will send directly to your address at Christmas or at any time of the year you think you have a beautiful anniversary to celebrate;
  • N.6 bottles of wine that come from the vineyard of the adopted line + n. 6 bottles of other wines produced by TSG for each harvest and for the entire duration of the agreement (every year);
  • Customization, on request, of the wine label with its own name and / or other to be agreed;
  • Possibility to always visit the vineyard and the cellar, by appointment, with tasting of our wines accompanied by typical products;
  • 20% discount on the purchase of wines in the Cellar or on our online platform, for the entire duration of the Agreement;
  • Participation in the harvest and the classic “lunch with the winemaker”

All for the price of € 1.000 for the duration of two years. (visualize a facsimile of the Pact of Adoption).
(visualizza un fac-simile del Patto di Adozione).

Who has already chosen to participate in this project?

Ezio Santin

Ezio SANTIN, Grand Chef of the Antica Osteria del Ponte in Tokyo, already three Michelin stars in the most historic and well-known headquarters in Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI)

Claudio Liu Iyo

Claudio LIU, Patron of the Japanese Restaurant IYO Taste Experience (Milan), the first oriental in Italy to boast the Michelin star

Lino Sauro

Lino SAURO, Patron and Chef of the “Gattopardo” Restaurants in Singapore and “Olio at Kensington Street” in Sydney

… and many others …