“A wine rich in scents and fragrances that only “heroic” vineyards are able to give.” 

At about a thousand meters above sea level, where the uncontaminated nature of the Madonie mountains reigns supreme, a Syrah is born from the extraordinary minerality and unique hints of the sea and the mountain of Sicily.

Legend tells that the Syrah “cuttings” arrived in these places from distant Persia (today Iran) through the pilgrims who in the Middle Ages passed through the Sicilian hinterland to reach Santiago de Compostela in Spain, to venerate the Patron Saint James (Jaime in Spanish). It seems they left them as a gift to the locals as gratitude for their generous hospitality.

Since then and for generations the farmers of the territory, with passion and effort, have taken care of this vine, so much to consider it autochthonous.

Aging in second passage barrique and then rest a few months in bottle. Ruby red color. The nose red fruits and toasted almonds. Full, warm and round taste.