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“It is the quintessence of elegance and finesse, fragrant, ethereal, with fruity notes of small berries, light spices, musk, currants and raspberries. Wild scents as wild is the nature of the Madonie.”

 The vineyard “Settevie”, where the Pinot Noir is born, is exposed to the South East, with a view of Etna, on a slight slope on a well drained and ventilated ground. The choice of this vine from the noble tradition was made by Salvatore, believing that here there were the ideal pedoclimatic conditions to face an important challenge: vinify Pinot Noir in Sicily!

With passion and dedication the challenge has been transformed into an opportunity, obtaining a wine of great complexity, with an almost transparent ruby red color, with delicate structure and tannins and with a low acidity.

It is a wine that goes perfectly with porcini mushrooms, truffle risotto, lamb and spicy dishes. In paring to everything that has decided aromas our Pinot Noir releases the maximum of sensory expressions.

Aging in second-pass oak barriques.


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