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“Grape variety demanding and difficult but able to return great emotion in the glass, with rare elegance and complexity.”

Nerello Mascalese is an autochthonous vine of Sicily whose best expression is found in the central-eastern part of the island where there are mountains with significant altitudes ideal for the late ripening of these grapes.

This too, as for Pinot Noir, was a difficult choice, wanting almost visionary, but the small plot of “Montelavano” at 800 meters. slm already after a few years, is giving satisfaction.

With very low yields (50 quintals per hectare) the grapes, harvested and selected by hand, give life to a generous wine that tastes like currant, black mulberry and pomegranate. Expressive purity on the palate, vertical and floral with satisfying freshness in the mouth.

Aging in second passage barrique.

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